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the process


s with any organic product our process differs from conventional production even before the grain is planted. But I will get more into the organic difference in “The Farm” section of the site. Here, I want to talk about our unique vodka spirit and the process we use to achieve its fine, award-winning result. Vlixius provided divine inspiration throughout, but it’s human hands that do all the work ultimately!

We start with the highest quality selection of “baker’s quality” organically grown grain. We buy the grain directly from the farmers who grow it. The grain used for LIXIR 88 is carefully chosen according to the success of the harvest in the region which it was grown. LIXIR 88 is made from predominately soft red winter wheat. We also include a little rye and barley, which we feel rounds out nicely the sweetness of the wheat and adds complexity to the taste and aroma of the vodka spirit.

The grain is milled in our facility, it is then put into a giant kettle, soaked and brewed to release the starches. We use enzymes to break down the starches into fermentable sugars. It then goes into a fermenter for 7-10 days and we add a very high quality yeast. This is then transferred into the pot still where the alcohol is concentrated. The first run through the still concentrates the alcohol to about 40%. The vodka is then twice run through our proprietary 44-stage vodka distilling column, which essentially distills the spirit 88 times! Each run through the column brings the alcohol content to 96%. view slideshow

Our hands-on process and state-the-art technology allows the Still Master very refined control over every aspect of the process. The high quality copper construction of our still, its surface area and our strict protocol on its cleaning and maintenance as well as adherence to the organic certification protocols ensures that we remove all impurities during distillation without treating or filtering the spirit. Unlike most other vodka on the market, we use NO additives. Nearly all vodka on the market today has been charcoal filtered and/or carbon treated to neutralize any aroma and taste. Carbon treating and filtering while removing unwanted impurities, aroma and taste, leaves the vodka with an astringent harshness.

LIXIR 88 is so pure and smooth that we don’t need to treat or filter it. What is in the bottle is taken directly from our still, proofed back to 44% alcohol by volume and bottled. Pure and Simple. Vodka the way The God intended!